Tuesday, September 27, 2005

"The Sound"

If I had to describe the music and playing of Stan Getz in one word, the first thing that comes to mind is tone. A tone so big and pure, even John Coltrane was envious of it. Getz was first associated with the "Cool" sound coming out of the west coast. But after personal problems put his career in temporary exile, Getz rejuvenated it by way of the Brazilian bossa nova rhythm. Never one to compromise professional integrity for commercial success, Getz left the widely popular bossa nova style that made him famous and returned to leading straight jazz groups. Leading groups up until his death in 1991, Stan Getz left his legacy as one of the most respected musicians in jazz history.

MP3: La Fiesta by Stan Getz from Captain Marvel (Columbia, 1972)
MP3: Saudade Vem Correndo from Jazz Samba Encore (Verve, 1963)
MP3: Night and Day from Stan Getz & Bill Evans (Verve, 1973)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stan Getz had the sound that made me love jazz. He was so melodic and thoughtful at the same time. I was lucky to be able to see him perform, at the Village Vanguard. I picked 3 CDs to introduce my nephew to jazz, and Getz/Gilberto is one of them. Still great after all these years.

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