Friday, October 14, 2005


A true prominent figure in avant-garde jazz, Pharoah Sanders initially started out playing in the West Coast. His "free" style of playing grew weary out west, so Pharoah relocated to New York where he met up with Sun Ra and further developed his avant-garde style of playing. In 1965, Sanders accepted an invitation to play and record with John Coltrane. After Coltrane's death, Sanders formed his own band and garnered considerable success. Pharoah continues to play and inspire to this day.

MP3: "The Creator Has a Master Plan"
by Pharoah Sanders from Karma (Impulse!, 1969)
MP3: "The Creator Has a Master Plan" remix
by Pharoah Sanders from Stolen Moments: Red Hot + Cool (GRP, 1994)
MP3: "Last of the Hipmen"
from Blues for Coltrane (MCA, 1990)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, cannot get the 'Creator' remix to work.

6:46 AM  
Blogger Chris C. said...

It seems to work fine. Try it again.

7:39 AM  
Anonymous Richard said...

Yes, works now. I first started listening to Pharoah in 1967(?). Still at school when Karma came out, listened to it over and over in my best friend's bedroom. At university we used to play his short track with the JCOA and also Where is Brooklyn (Don Cherry) which I am pleased to see has just been reissued. So it was a wonderful experience to see and hear the great man a couple of weeks ago when he played live in Birmingham (UK). Still got that wonderful tone and it was great to hear him play 'Creator' and 'Naima', especially.

12:14 AM  
Blogger etnobofin said...

I saw Pharaoh Sanders a couple of years back when he toured Australia/NZ. 70 year old black guy in purple velour kaftan and pillbox hat, dancing round the stage when he wasn't blowing insanely cool stuff out of his horn. Getting the crowd to singalong to pan-African call and response chants. He was having a ball, but a lot of the beard-stroking jazzheads in the audience were bewildered - they were there to pay tribute, not participate in a party...

It's a mark of a great artist when the audience walks away from the gig not quite sure what they've experienced. And to continue to achieve this at an advanced age is truly remarkable. Nice post :-)

1:17 PM  

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